High-quality custom-made furniture

Welldone Furniture is a manufacturing company that is one of the leaders in the Thai furniture market, offering custom-made furniture to suit personal requirements and needs.

We use materials and components from leading European manufacturers, which pass multiple levels of quality control before reaching our production facility.

Furniture is produced by using modern equipment and the production process is controlled by highly skilled specialists.

Our unique order processing system makes it possible to produce custom-made furniture at an industrial scale. Kitchens, bedrooms, hallway furniture, children’s rooms, home offices or built-in furniture, separate items or a single interior solution – whatever you choose. The set will be created in exact specifications to your requirements, style, color and configuration. The price of the product is based on the selected materials, finish and size of the item.

We guarantee to our customers a superb quality product with innovative design and a high level of service.

Custom-made furniture


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