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Living Room – custom-made furniture with special size

Custom-made furniture for living room with specified sizes. Separate elements and complex solutions in the interior space design sphere. Welldone Furniture manufacturer is a quality guarantor. Our agent will come quickly, we prefer to find a special approach for each client. Purchase furniture for living room without leaving home.   

Custom-made furniture designed by Welldone Furniture specialists will impress you with its’ superior quality, unique design, and its’ functionality. An experienced designer will help to choose materials, decor, and accessories.

It is very important to choose the furniture for the living room very accurately. No matter what the style of space will be. It must relate to the preferences of people who own this and also their social status. Custom-made furniture is a brilliant solution for those people who are intended to make home cosy, make it more elegant. The Welldone Furniture company offers for your attention a digital catalogue, where are available many variants of cabinet and built-in furniture, made in different styles.



You appoint a convenient time for the departure of the designer.


Drawing up a layout, agreeing on a design project and cost.


Furniture production, coordination of delivery and assembly dates.


Delivery of furniture items.


Assembly and installation of furniture.


You accept the work performed, sign the act and receive a guarantee. The project is completed


We will offer you many of color solutions and recommend the best options to match the interior of the room. Cabinets can be made of the following materials:
Facades (cabinet doors) can be made of the following materials:


We will offer you the best fittings for the budget that you are ready to allocate for the living room. Any solutions of economy and premium class from leading European manufacturers are possible, such as:
Only reliable and high-quality fittings are able to ensure the functionality of the furniture to the fullest!


On the market more than 5 years

Only qualified workers. Thousands of successful completed projects

Free design project

An experienced designer will create a unique design project for free

Order fulfillment right on time

We carry out orders exactly at the term specified in the contract. Check it out!

Free shipping

You don't have to look for a shipping company.

Welldone Furniture – Custom-made furniture in Thailand by individual dimensions, sizes and designs

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